Canget BioTekpharma LLC

Ocean University of China, Marine Drug institute, Qingdao, China
Medicinal chemistry (Dr. Tao Jiang and her team):
Dr. Jiang and her team have been involved in chemical modification of curcumin, a natural diet component, for many years. In collaboration with her team, several curcumin analogs were identified in vitro from their compound library using several novel cancer cell-based models and showed that their antitumor cell specificity and efficacy are better than curcumin in 3-10 folds. This includes JT-15, JT-21, WSX-2 and WSX-15.

Additionally, Dr. Jiang and her team have been also being involved in FL118 analog chemistry for generation of new FL118 analogs. This work is on the way for filling in our anticancer drug pipeline
Research Triangle Institute (RTI), Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Medicinal chemistry (Dr. Chunyang Jin and his team):
Dr. Monroe Wall and Dr. Mansukh Wani were the leadership in Camptothecin and Taxol drug development from plant extracts and compound structure identification at RTI in collaboration with National Cancer Institute (NCI), which was started in early 1950's. In collaboration with RTI, compounds collected by RTI over these years in their compound libraries were rescreened with several novel cancer cell-based anticancer drug discovery models to fill in our pipeline. Meanwhile, Dr. Jin and his team are involved in Chemistry modification of hit/lead compounds to produce new hit/lead analog compounds for filling in drug pipeline.
Zhejiang University of Technology, Collaborative Innovation Center of Yangtze River Region Green Pharmaceuticals, Hangzhou, China
Medicinal chemistry (Dr. Qingyong Li and her team):
Dr. Q. Li has a long history of research projects related to the camptothecin analogues. In collaboration with Canget together with other Canget collaborators, Dr. Q Li and her team are currently involved in novel FL118 analogue Chemistry for generation of more FL118 analogues for in vivo testing in USA to speed up filling in Canget anticancer drug pipeline
Zhaoqing Yikai International Pharmaceutical Research Institute, LLC (Yikai)
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Product Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC):
Yikai is the strategic partner of Canget BioTekpharma LLC (Canget). Yikai in association with ChemPartner/Gateway is responsible for FL118 API product CMC affairs and provides the GMP FL118 API product qualified for clinical trials in USA (which is in charge by Canget) and in China (which is in charge by Yikai).
Shandong University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Jinan, China
Medicinal chemistry (Dr. Fengshan Wang and his team):
Dr. Wang is the current leadership in the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Shandong University. Take the advantage of the compounds collected in the past at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences for rescreening using several novel cancer cell-based anticancer drug discovery models, several natural diet compounds have been identified for further investigation and chemical modifications for filling in drug pipeline.
State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo (UB), Buffalo, New York
Medicinal chemistry (Dr. David G. Hangauer and his team):
Dr. Hangauer and his team have been involved in small chemical compound generation and modification relevant to caspase inhibition for many years. Taking advantage of the compounds collected by his team, we used our novel cancer cell-based anticancer drug discovery models to screen those compounds. Several novel compounds have been identified with interesting properties. One of the compounds (designated DH-XP-0090 or D12 in short) possesses novel mechanisms of action overlapped with FL118 and shows significant potential to inhibit cancer cell growth. There is a potential for DH-XP-0090 or its analogs to be further developed.

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